Press Releases

A group of concerned professionals in the social and natural sciences from many countries met to agree on a new approach to mobile peoples and conservation. This approach should be based upon a partnership between the two groups who are unrecognised allies. Out of this conference comes the "Dana Declaration on Mobile Peoples and Conservation". Mobile peoples and conservation agents have much to offer each other. Mobile peoples and biological resources of the world are facing dire pressure.

Other outcomes include a brochure , a poster , a report on conference proceedings , and a film “Rum Business” which focuses on conservation, tourism and the Bedouin of Wadi Rum. The Dana Declaration has been incorporated into the IUCN World Parks Congress, Durban 2003 Recommendation 5.27 Mobile Indigenous Peoples and Conservation , September 2003.

It was noted at the IVth World Conservation Congress in Bangkok in November 2004. It was formally endorsed at the Vth World Conservation Congress in Barcelona October 2008

Spokesperson: Dawn Chatty
Telephone Number: +44 1865 281 715