We would like to encourage you to endorse the Dana Declaration by filling in the online endorsement form here. Comments and questions about the Declaration are also welcome, please email dana.support@qeh.ox.ac.uk. Endorsements are posted below.

Riccardo Ciavolella
I fully endorse the Dana Declaration and its principles.
(7 May 2007)

Ajith Radhakrishnan

The Declaration would further the long cherished goal of helping the mainstreaming of indigenous communities in the developed societies. New platforms and initiatives should be ensured to help transfer the rich ethno-botanical knowledge resources to the community knowledge repositories and formalise the systems for ensuring sustainable development interventions in modern societies. This would also help the humanity in realising that the indigenous communities are very much part of the society and life as much as we are.
(29 August 2005)

Dana and Qadisiyal local community Cooperative
We ,Dana and Qadisiyal local community Cooperative,as local community NGO fully support and endorse Dana declaration.

We believe that "Dana Declaration" is away of protecting the local communities when tackling protection of nature.Their right to be fully involved in their concerned issues planning and management is essential.

We thank all those who payed efforts to this declaration and those who believe in it and would do their best to realize it everywhere they can!
(14 February 2005)

Chris Lunch
The Dana Declaration is fully endorsed by INSIGHT, an organisation working to enable Mobile communities around the world to communicate their ideas and perspective directly to policy and decision makers using participatory video techniques. www.insightshare.org
(24 September 2004)

Boku Tache Dida
I am actually very thankful to those of you who produced the Dana Declaration as it is quite an important achievement for mobile peoples. Among other things, the Dana Declaration was precursor for the establishment of WAMIP needless to say. Therefore, I fully endorse Dana Declaration. (3 September 2004)

Marco Bassi
I fully endorse the Dana Declaration. (1 September 2004)

The World Alliance of Mobile Indigenous Peoples (WAMIP)
The World Alliance of Mobile Indigenous Peoples fully support and endorse the Dana Declaration for the protection of the rights of all mobile indigenous peoples. (11 August 2004)

Gianluca Serra
I fully agree with, support and endorse the statements reported in the Dana Declaration. (5 August 2004)

Camillo Ponziani
I hereby endorse the Dana Declaration and its commitment to safeguard the rights and interests of mobile peoples. (2 August 2004)

Adrian Phillips
I fully support the Dana Declaration. As a former chair and now member of the IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas, I believe the Declaration sets out in succint form how the interests of indigenous mobile peoples and those of conservation and protected areas can be reconciled to mutual benefit. (28 July 2004)

Quechua-Aymara Association for Sustainable Livelihoods
We endorse and fully support the Dana Declaration. (28 July 2004)

The Dana Declaration has been endorsed by representatives of Mobile Peoples attending the IUCN World Parks Congress in Durban 2003 ( Press Release - Mobile Indigenous Peoples at the IUCN V World Parks Congress, Durban, South Africa ). A key outcome of the WPC was the adoption of Recommendation 5.27 Mobile Indigenous Peoples and Conservation .

NACSO - the Namibian Association of Community-Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM) Support Organizations has endorsed the Dana declaration - NACSO represents 12 Namibian NGOs involved in community-based natural resource management. http://www.namibian.com.na/2003/march/environment/03BCFF7D4D.html