The Dana Declaration on Mobile Peoples and Conservation calls for a new approach to conservation: one which recognises the rights and interests of 'mobile' peoples. The term mobile peoples covers indigenous and traditional peoples whose livelihoods depend on extensive common property use of natural resources, and who use mobility as a management strategy and as an element of cultural identity. The Dana Declaration Committee fully endorses the rights of indigenous peoples as set out in the United Nations draft Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

The Declaration is the outcome of an international meeting of social and natural scientists and NGOs that took place in Wadi Dana Nature Reserve in Jordan in early April 2002. The Declaration is an attempt to forge a new partnership between conservationists and mobile peoples in order to ensure that future conservation policies and programmes help maintain the earth's ecosystems, species and genetic diversity while respecting the rights of indigenous and traditional communities which have been disregarded in the past... (click here to continue)

The Wadi Dana conference participants recognise that this is only the first step. The principles need to be considered and developed further in dialogue with mobile peoples and other interested groups and organisations.

The Dana Declaration has been endorsed by representatives of Mobile Peoples attending the IUCN World Parks Congress in Durban 2003 ( click here to see Press Release ). A key outcome of the WPC was the adoption of Recommendation 5.27 Mobile Indigenous Peoples and Conservation ( Click here for more ). The attending Mobile Indigenous Peoples created a campaigning organisation called the World Alliance of Mobile Indigenous Peoples (WAMIP) .

The Dana Declaration has also received support at the World Conservation Congress in Bangkok, Thailand, November 2004 where a resolution endorsing the Dana Declaration and recognizing the work of WAMIP noted resolution number RESWCC3.018 ( Click here for more details ).

The Dana Declaration was formally endorsed at the Vth World Conservation Congress in Barcelona in October 2008 (Click here for more details.)

A special issue of the journal Nomadic Peoples is devoted to the Dana Declaration and the issues it raises ( Click here for more details ). It is also appearing as a special issue of the Journal of Biological Conservation (BIOC).

The Standing Committee for the Dana Declaration would like to encourage you to endorse the Dana Declaration by filling in the online endorsement form here. Comments and questions about the Declaration are also welcome. Endorsements are posted on the website on the endorsements page .